Visual Inspections

Our drones allow you to visually inspect, film and photograph buildings, vehicles, infrastructure and natural features safely and easily.

Our drones are well equipped for visual inspections with 4K video and 20MP still photographs available. For survey work, our photographs can be geo-tagged, showing you the precise coordinates, height and direction from which the photo was taken. 

Using drones for visual building inspections brings many advantages:

  • Hazardous areas can be inspected without putting employees or contractors at risk, maintaining a safe working environment.

  • No need to hire plant or access equipment or arrange specialist training for employees, saving time and money.

  • Inspections can be carried out in much less time as there is no need to reposition equipment to view the building from another angle, instead the drone can be flown there immediately.

  • In most circumstances site operations can continue while a drone survey takes place with no effect on machinery, employees or work procedures.

  • You can view a live video feed of the survey as it happens, allowing you to see the area from the air in real time and provide feedback and make requests to the drone operator if you see something that you'd like to take a look at.

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