Our Pricing Structure

Please see indicative prices below. Prices may vary due to various factors such as the complexity of the task, the time required for completion, additional permissions or regulatory requirements etc. All prices quoted include standard post-production, however an additional charge may apply for complex or time-intensive post-production tasks.

All prices include electronic delivery of media. An additional charge may apply for hard copy media and postage.

A bespoke quote will be given once the required details of the task are known.

At the moment we do not charge VAT on top of our prices.

A 25% deposit is payable when the task is booked. An invoice will be issued for the remainder of the balance following completion of the task.

Simple task / less than two hours


Moderate task / two to four hours


Complex task / in excess of four hours


2D Mapping & 3D modelling services will incur an additional fee. 


The quoted price will include standard pre-task remote flight planning and risk assessment. All prices include standard post-production and electronic media transfer. 

Additional charges may apply for the following, these will be advised prior to confirming and booking the task:

  • Complex pre-task planning including physical site inspections

  • Travelling costs for long journeys

  • Overnight accommodation and subsistence for multi-day tasks

  • Permits or permissions to fly from or over private land

  • Additional safety personnel or camera operators

  • Complex or time-intensive post-production

  • Hard copy delivery of videos and images

If you have any queries, or to discuss bespoke pricing for unique requirements, please contact us.

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