How we work

Get in touch and chat to us. We'll explore your requirements, ask some questions about the task / site and advise how best we can help you. 

If you decide to go with us, we'll arrange a convenient date and time along with fallback dates in case of bad weather or operational factors. A 25% deposit of the agreed amount is payable at this stage. For more information on our prices, please visit our pricing page.

We'll remotely prepare a pre-deployment survey and risk assessment, including mitigations of identified hazards, and supply you with a copy. 

We'll be available to you between first contact and mission completion should you have any questions or wish to discuss anything.

On the day, we'll confirm our arrival time on site. We'll conduct a dynamic risk assessment once we arrive and mitigate any newly identified hazards. 

We'll then fly the mission for as long as it takes to get the data you need. 

We can provide the option for live monitoring of the mission from a separate position, and can liaise about progress as the mission continues. We will also supply fallback equipment (for example camera poles) which can be used to gather images in the event that it is not possible to fly the drone, for example due to weather.

We'll present the images for review immediately after completion of the mission to check you're satisfied with the images gathered. We will then edit the images remotely if required and supply them to you electronically. We can supply either the images themselves or compile a report with the images included. 

If you have requested hard copies of the images/report these will be mailed to you using a tracked mail service. 

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